About Me

Professional Summary

I am a creative and well-trained worker with a great eye for detail, with a limitless supply of curiosity in a rapidly changing and increasingly exciting digital world. I have plenty of proven ability to work to a high standard and meet deadlines with substantial experience from a broad range of roles including marketing, copy-writing and teaching. I am currently looking for new opportunities to develop and fully utilise my skills in the charitable and educational sectors. In my spare time, I run a creative writers group, blog regularly and study relentlessly for new means to make positive and meaningful change in the world and workplace.

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Work Experience

My experiences range across several industries. From teaching, marketing, charity and more, I have transferable skills to suit many industries. These days, I focus on my writing and content development ability and clients who favour compelling and innovative copy.

I have worked for an independent publishing company, gone alone as a freelance photographer and much more. My skills compass all the latest digital marketing skills and more traditional abilities such as photo editing, film production and website development.


Some of the clients I have had the pleasure of working with are below:

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I love to write, it is a passion I have had since I was a boy. I spend a lot of time working with words and the structure and flow of language. When I am not doing that, I am often found spending time in the great outdoors, at the gym or with my head stuck in a book, devouring more words to add to my repertoire, to inspire me in my next project.

My main source of motivation stems from a genuine desire to pursue creativity, innovation and change in all things, striving for positive growth and progress stemming from true and purposeful means. This is in part born from my studies in the Arts and cultural studies as well as being informed by my individual experiences as a writer.

Truth is by nature elusive, lingering below the surface, and I am devoted to finding it and the images under the revealed image, the one most faithful to reality, down to the true image of that absolute, mysterious reality that is so hard to find.